Why drink organic tea

Second most consumed drink in the world, after water, tea is in the spotlight. Praised for its health benefits, the cup of tea is a real tradition. To enjoy the benefits of tea, but also to preserve your environment, choose organic tea. Here are some details on why you should drink organic tea.

Drink organic tea for its health benefits

Often referred to as a "health drink", tea provides many benefits to the body and health. Sometimes compared to mate or rooibos, it produces different effects on the body, protecting it from certain diseases.

According to very serious studies, tea, whether white, green or black, could :

  • reduce the risk of cancer;
  • limit the appearance of cardiovascular diseases;
  • stimulate the brain;
  • stabilize blood sugar levels;
  • promote weight loss.

Indeed, tea contains antioxidants in large quantities. It also contains theine, which is more present in black teas than in green teas like matcha. Different from the caffeine in coffee or mate, theine stimulates the body more gently. Theine or caffeine are however absent in rooibos, sometimes called red tea.

Drink organic tea for its taste

Even though it is produced from clean agriculture, organic tea offers above all an unequalled taste. No more coloring agents or dubious flavor enhancers... With organic tea, you get the real taste of tea. As it is sometimes combined with other plants such as rooibos, mate or fruits, you can be sure that they also have a natural flavor.

Drink organic tea to avoid pesticides

Drinking organic tea means avoiding a large part of the pesticides. Some labels control the production to guarantee a clean and high quality product. This concerns teas, but also coffee, rooibos or mate.

Avoiding pesticides and other chemicals is important for your health. Indeed, pesticides are suspected of bringing diseases such as cancer.

However, consuming organic tea also means enjoying more health benefits. Organic tea leaves are richer in antioxidants and therefore have a greater beneficial effect on your health.

Drinking organic tea for biodiversity

In the world of agriculture, plant protection products are used to kill every living organism considered harmful. If the products look better, the environment is completely destroyed. However, studies show that the balance of biodiversity around plants is beneficial to their growth.

Choosing an organic tea is therefore also a citizen gesture for the planet. You promote a sustainable agriculture that takes care of the environment. No more chemicals in the water and in the soil, your tea leaves grow in the middle of buzzing bees and fluttering butterflies.

Drinking organic tea for small producers

Choosing an organic tea bag for your consumption is also choosing to pay the small producer correctly. Even if everything is not black and white, small producers take care of nature, which is their livelihood, while large multinationals abuse the environment.

Even worse, the employees of these multinationals spend their day in the fields, under the fumes of pesticides. With organic tea, from producers who respect their employees, you save lives.

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