Sachet de thé litre d'eau

Each tea is different, the number of tea bags for 1 liter of water to be used is variable, that is why we have taken care to indicate on each of our tea bags the temperature of infusion as well as the right dosage. In general, we recommend you to use the following dosage for your infusions:

Use the right dose of tea for 1 liter of water

For green tea, it depends on the type of tea but it is recommended to use about 10 grams of tea for one liter of hot water. Green tea has a short infusion time, if you are fond of strong teas with a more pronounced taste you can easily put a dose between 20 and 30 g/L.

For black tea, we recommend about 10 grams of tea per liter of hot water, this will give you a soft and not very strong drink, but it will not prevent you from fully feeling the aromas. Those who like strong black tea can double the dose which will give the tea a strong liquor.

For Rooibos, herbal teas and infusions, we still recommend a dosage of 10 grams per liter of water, you will get an infusion full of flavor.

What water should I use to brew my tea?

In order to brew a perfect tea, it is also important to pay attention to the quality of the water.

Always use cold water and boil it. It is totally useless to use hot water from the tap which can contain more heavy metals. It is also more than recommended to usefiltered water.

How many liters with a package of 100 grams?

You will be able to make about ten teapots for each 100g tea bag by following our recommendations or about 30 individual cups!

Each tea drinker being different, you will have to find your ideal dosage, to avoid waste we recommend that you first follow the advice that is indicated on each of our packets.