As tea lovers, you know that loose tea requires a lot of preparation and you quickly end up with dishes, so we offer you a solution that allows a simple, practical and stress-free infusion.

Tea bag, tea ball or in a teapot, what is the best method to brew loose tea?

  • Tea bags are very convenient to brew tea in bulk, they do not take up any space and do not require any washing because they are disposable. But be careful, it is essential to choose them unbleached, that's why we advise you to use our empty tea bag which is also biodegradable. Perfectly adapted for infusion, they leave the necessary space to the tea leaves so that their flavors can be fully deployed. The bags also have the particularity of being able to infuse very fine teas such as Rooibos, which passes through most other infusers.
  • The tea ball sieve is a good alternative to the tea bag but it is not recommended to use metal because it metalizes and acidifies the tea. The tea ball is also too narrow, the water does not circulate enough and does not allow the leaf to infuse properly. It does have one advantage: it is easy to clean.
  • Finally we have the teapot which is also very practical when you want to prepare a liter of tea but it is not really advantageous when it comes to make only one cup.

You will have understood that to brew tea in bulk the bags are really the most adapted.