Infusion multiple

In France and in the West we are used tobrew tea leaves only once, so it is a surprise for most of us to learn that it is possible tobrew tea several times! This is a practice that is very popular in Asia.

What are the advantages of multiple brewing?

Brewing your tea several times has many advantages, one of them is the taste which will offer you a new experience of flavors and will allow you to discover your tea in its entirety.

There is also the economic side, by infusing it several times, the cost of your tea is reduced. Finally, the tannin and theine content is much lower with multiple infusions.

how to brew tea several times?

It is very simple, you just have to increase slightly the infusion time, for example for a tea where you are advised to infuse for 3 minutes, you just have to let infuse for 4 minutes for the second infusion.

For multiple infusions, the use of a small teapot is recommended, but you can also use a tea filter.

Which tea should I use for multiple brewing?

Not all teas are suitable for multiple brewing, we advise you to use whole leaves, they brew much more slowly than broken leaves.

We also advise you to choose plain teas which are perfectly adapted contrary to flavored teas which will lose most of their taste during the first infusion.