Thé vert ou thé blanc

Going on a diet to lose weight is not an easy task. It involves eating a balanced and healthy diet, reducing the amount of food you eat each day, drinking more fluids and moving more. Organic tea is second only to water as a healthy way to hydrate the body and help eliminate waste. All teas come from the same plant, the Camellia Sinensis. The differences in color are obtained by the manipulations that the tea undergoes after its harvest. Oxidation and fermentation are the two main steps that will change the color of the tea but also its benefits. Several varieties of tea are known for their slimming properties. Among them, we can find pu Erh tea, oolong tea, rooibos tea, red tea, black tea, green tea and white tea. The last two are in first place to accompany a slimming diet. So, green tea or white tea ? Let's make a quick comparison between these two teas that are known to accompany you in your slimming program.

Green tea or white tea, what are their differences?

Of course, no two teas are alike. Whether it is the color, the texture, the scent, the taste or the benefits for the body, each one has its place and has recognized medicinal virtues. The two most appropriate teas to accompany a diet are green tea and white tea. To help us choose between green and white tea, let's try to learn more about organic green tea. Organic green tea is widely consumed in China, Korea and Japan. It is handled four times after harvesting: air drying, withering (wok roasting for Chinese tea and steaming with brewing for Japanese tea), rolling and drying. These rapid processes allow the natural oxidation of the tea to be quickly stopped, which allows it to have a maximum content of flavanols, powerful antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and prevent chronic diseases, ophthalmic, cardiovascular, certain cancers and diabetes. The virtues of green tea for weight loss are also numerous: diuretic, green tea allows to eliminate toxins naturally while purifying the kidneys. Excellent fat burner, especially in the belly, and appetite suppressant between meals, it helps avoid snacking. The disadvantages? Green tea is quite high in theine (caffeine in tea) and it is not recommended to drink it in the evening. Its powerful diuretic effect could also weaken you if you drink too much of it.

Drinking white tea to lose weight

Green tea and white tea are often associated with the same therapeutic and medicinal effects because they are both teas that have been minimally processed after harvesting. However, white tea is by far the least processed and the most concentrated in polyphenols and catechins. Numerous studies have proven that white tea can be counted on to help you lose weight. White tea is harvested only once a year in the spring from Cmellias Sinensis located in the Yunnan provinces of China. The buds and the two youngest leaves are then plucked and simply wilted in the open air(withering), then go through the drying stage (drying the tea in a hot air dryer). Hand-sorted, the white tea is ready for packing. There are two reasons why white tea is more potent than green tea and why its effects on weight loss are even more effective: white tea consists mainly of buds and young shoots (more concentrated in polyphenols) and is even less manipulated than green tea, therefore less oxidized. Compared to green tea, white tea is more concentrated in alkaloids. Its diuretic effect is more important and it has the advantage of containing less theine. This means that white tea can be drunk throughout the day, until the evening. To conclude, it is better to drink white tea to lose weight.

How much white tea per day to lose weight?

Unlike coffee, the daily dose of tea can be higher without risking side effects. On average, green or white tea drinkers take at least three cups of tea a day to get the full benefits. One cup of tea in the morning, after a meal and in the evening. Two grams of white tea are enough for a 250 ml cup. To accompany a slimming program, you can consume up to six cups of tea per day. The particularity of white tea is that it can be brewed several times without losing its active ingredients or altering its taste. On the contrary, the more white tea is brewed, the less bitterness it has (unlike black tea, for example). In addition, flavonoids with antioxidant properties are released throughout the infusion. A very good quality white tea can be brewed up to seven times! It is therefore preferable to choose the traditional preparation of white tea, in a teapot. Keep your tea tasting away from mealtime, as it reduces the absorption of iron from food.

Green tea and white tea: excellent partners for slimming

Green tea or white tea, tea is suitable all year round. A refined and very refreshing beverage, tea can be drunk hot, warm or as an iced tea. A regular consumption of green or white tea guarantees a perfect hydration and a constant elimination of toxins in the body. In the long run, it will heal your body, protect it from many diseases and also help you lose weight quickly. To choose your organic green tea or your organic white tea, prefer loose tea. Store your tea in a metal box away from light and heat sources.