boire du thé blanc

It's no secret that drinking tea regularly is very beneficial to your health. Compared to coffee, tea is a refreshing drink, light in theine, rarely bitter. Its countless virtues are no longer to be proven. There is a large number of teas: black tea, red tea (rooibos), green tea, matcha tea... All of them have excellent properties, including polyphenols with antioxidant effects, but organic white tea remains, among all teas, the drink richest in vegetable tannin. Many scientific studies have proven that drinking white tea every day and at any age, is excellent for your health. If organic white tea from China is the best tea to drink regularly, it is because of its composition and its treatment after picking. Unlike most other teas, white tea is made of buds and a few young shoots, which reduces the number of annual harvests to one, during the first days of spring. White tea is not handled very much and only undergoes withering and drying , so it is not oxidized. The best quality white tea comes from the Fujian region of China, where the climatic conditions are the most favorable to tea growing.

Drink white tea every day

For tea lovers, white tea remains the most delicate and subtle tea for our taste buds. Its high concentration of polyphenols makes it a very beneficial tea for health, to the point that it is still used in Chinese medicine to fight certain cardiovascular diseases, certain cancers and diabetes. But like any product with active ingredients, white tea must be consumed every day if you really want to benefit from all its virtues. It is indeed over the long term that certain properties of white tea are revealed. This is why drinking white tea every day slows down the aging of cells, protects our immune system, regulates cholesterol levels while eliminating bad cholesterol, strengthens bones and teeth... The list is long as the benefits of white tea are numerous and contribute to our longevity.

Drinking white tea at any age

From the age of 4, a child can drink a cup of white tea in the morning with breakfast. Lower the theine level by throwing away the first infusion and the tea will no longer have an exciting effect but will instead be stimulating for the day. Indeed, theine is released very gradually and is absolutely not harmful for the child's body. For adults, drinking white tea regularly allows them to take full advantage of its particularly high antioxidant properties. The high flavonoid content allows white tea to protect blood vessels, regulate cholesterol and control blood sugar. For the elderly, several studies have shown that white tea effectively fights dementia, reduces the risk of cognitive deterioration and stimulates concentration and memory, thus preventing Alzheimer's disease. We can therefore drink white tea at any age.

Can we drink white tea during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, it is very important to stay properly hydrated. This allows the mother and the baby toeliminate toxins. Of course, water is the most beneficial beverage for the body. It is therefore recommended to drink about a liter and a half of water a day. After water, tea is the best drink to recommend to a pregnant woman. Drinking white tea during pregnancy means taking care of your skin: white tea has the power to make your skin more elastic. It also allows you to take care of your intestines: white tea is excellent for the transit and protects the probiotics in our intestinal flora. Moreover, the diuretic action of white tea helps the body to fight against water retention, a problem often linked to pregnancy. However, a pregnant woman may have certain deficiencies, including iron. In this case, it is better not to drink a cup of white tea too close to mealtime.

Can we drink white tea to lose weight?

During a diet to lose a few pounds, all doctors and nutritionists will advise you to drink a lot. But drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day is not so easy, especially when you are not a big drinker. What you should know is that tea is the second most hydrating drink after water and that the properties of white tea are clearly recognized to promote weight loss. Studies conducted on teas have concluded that white tea is an excellent weight loss partner. Rich in catechins, it accelerates weight loss by inhibiting the digestion of lipids and limiting the stock of body fat. Its diuretic effects also allow the rapid elimination of waste in the body and blood, which also promotes weight loss. Moreover, drinking a cup of white tea would cut the feeling of hunger, which is not negligible if we tend to snack between meals. So, to the question can we drink white tea to lose weight ? the answer is yes! Of course, to take advantage of all the benefits of white tea, we must choose an organic tea, if possible, and of very high quality.