Tea oolong from china

The oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea from China. Halfway between green tea and black tea, it develops woody aromas and is characterized by a beautiful yellow color when brewed. It is particularly appreciated by Chinese tea lovers.

Oolong tea definition: a semi-fermented tea between green and black

The uniqueness of oolong tea lies in its fermentation. Blue tea is said to be "semi-fermented" which places it between green and black tea. Like green tea, it is low in caffeine but like black tea, it is a powerful and round tea with a nutty flavor. Originating from the Chinese province of Fujyian, its consumption extends to all of Asia. It is produced mainly in China and Taiwan, even if oolong is considered by tea lovers as a Chinese tea.

Oolong tea, wulong tea or blue tea?

Organic oolong tea is alternately called blue oolong tea or wu long tea. It takes its name from its characteristic color offering a deep blue. You will also find it under the name of green oolong tea because teas from China are not very fermented and have characteristics close to green tea. It is also called oolong jasmine tea because of its high concentration of cis-jasmone, the fragrant molecule of jasmine, which gives it a very particular floral scent.

Variations of blue green tea

Finally, oolong tea is a green tea if it comes from China and a black tea if it comes from Taiwan. The level of fermentation of the tea can vary from one production to another offering a wide range of flavors. Organic oolong tea is considered by tea lovers as a tea for aging. It is also the only one that can be brewed several times because of its always exceptional quality.