tea preparation oolong

Oolong tea : how to prepare it ?

The oolong tea is a Chinese tea that can be prepared in two ways: The traditional method which is used by the majority of teas, boil water then pour it into a cup by adding the blue tea in a tea filter.

For the preparation of Oolong tea, we recommend a brewing time of 5 to 7 minutes in water at 95°C. The Gon Fu Cha method, which is part of the Chinese art, is traditionally used in Taiwan for the preparation of Pu Erh tea, green tea and Oolong tea. Beware this method makes the preparation of your blue green tea stronger, we advise to taste it in small quantities

Preparation of oolong tea step by step

  • Prepare your teapot and cups
  • Rinse your teapot with hot water then pour the water into a reserve pot
  • Place the oolong tea in the teapot and rinse the leaves with water to moisten them
  • Empty the water that was used to rinse the Oolong tea leaves into the reserve pot and then pour its contents into the tasting cup
  • Now empty the cup
  • Refill your teapot with water and let it steep for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Pour the entire infusion into your reserve pot.
  • You can now pour the infusion into the tasting cup.
  • You can brew the same tea up to 2 times.

Oolong multiple infusions

Organic oolong tea has unique properties due to a totally different fermentation than other teas. For this reason it is the only tea in the world that can be brewed multiple times, provided you choose a quality oolong.

How to brew Oolong tea?

Oolong tea is brewed like any other tea, except for a few details. It can be brewed over a longer period of time and even several times. It is necessary to measure the quantity of leaves, to succeed in your preparation, you will need 2 grams of tea for a volume of water of 15cl. In order to obtain the best Oolong tea possible, you will also have to respect the temperature of the water and the time of infusion of the Oolong tea. Don't panic, all our wulong teas have the indication on the package. To make a perfect success of your oolong tea preparation, you just have to follow the indications that are provided on each of our packages.

Milky oolong tea preparation

The term milky oolong does not describe a preparation of oolong tea with milk but a particular type of oolong tea. It comes from a Taiwanese tea variety, Jin Xuan. The Taiwanese Jin Xuan oolong tea is recognizable by its creamy and soft texture which earned it the name "milk oolong".