Consomation feuilles de CBD

Consuming CBD leaves can be achieved in several ways. The herbal tea and the infusion of CBD leaves remain a use appreciated by the greatest number. However, other ways of consuming this product exist. The cBD tea seduces by its ease of preparation and by the conservation of the effects of cannabidiol. Discover how to use CBD leaves and consume this type of product derived from hemp.

CBD leaves, hemp plant waste to be used

Cannabis leaves, considered as waste, are often less used than flowers. The heads of the cannabis flowers would indeed concentrate all the virtues of the plant and would be prioritized for the production of CBD products. However, CBD leaves can be used in different ways, even if their effect on the body is a little less. Consumed more and more regularly, in herbal tea for example, the dried hemp leaves also appeal to consumers. Did you know that some producers keep them to enrich their soil ?

Using CBD flowers or leaves to prepare your herbal tea

You seek to understand how to make a CBD infusion from hemp leaves ? don't worry: prepare an infusion of CBD leaves is a breeze. Follow the same process used to prepare a classic herbal tea. Immerse the leaves in water for several minutes.

Remember that to be fully effective cannabidiol must undergo decarboxylation. To do this, it is important toinfuse your CBD leaves for at least 20 minutes. Don't lose sight of the fat-soluble characteristics of CBD leaves either. To benefit from all the properties of these parts of the hemp plant, infuse them with a fatty substance like milk, butter or oil.

A mixture of hemp leaves and other natural products to enhance your herbal teas

You can obviously consume infusions made with your CBD leaves alone. However, for the unaccustomed palates, thebitterness of cannabidiol may be a little unpleasant. Another system allows you to flavour your drink and even increase its effects on your body.

Why don't you add to your hemp leaf tea someother product varieties like classic flowers or fruits? The CBD flavors will be slightly attenuated to leave you with a delicious taste in your mouth. Some plants also accentuate the properties of hemp leaves or complement them with their own effects. Consider adding a little sage, linden, verbena or valerian to your drinks. You'll be amazed at the effect of cBD herbal tea with chamomile on your body and your sleep.

Other uses of CBD leaves

The CBD content is generally lower in hemp leaves than in the flowers. However, this part of the plant keeps the properties of cannabidiol and can be used for consumption. Found in the production of CBD products, hemp leaves can be eaten, inhaled and even applied to your skin.

The use of CBD leaves in herbal teas

Making CBD tea or infusions is the most common way touse your hemp leaves. The consumption of this preparation can be done at any time of the day according to the desired effects. You wish to approach your day serenely and keep your mind at ease? Consume your CBD tea as soon as you wake up and whenever you feel like it. Need help relaxing before bed? Prepare an infusion of CBD leaves after your evening meal, 1 hour before going to bed. A restful night awaits you.

The use of hemp leaves in cooking

Hemp leaves would be a CBD product equivalent to a food supplement of first choice. They can also be used as spices in the kitchen and can be used to enhance your dishes and sauces without difficulty. You want to make a culinary preparation more complex? Have you ever thought of making butter with CBD flowers or preparing a smoothie? It's a change from a simply seasoned dish and introduces you to the culinary wonders to make with hemp leaves.

The production of CBD oil or e-liquid from CBD leaves

Smoking CBD leaves is prohibited in France. On the other hand, to make oil of it or to carry out yourself your e-liquid is possible. The cannabidiol, contained in the hemp leaves, is fat-soluble. You must therefore infuse these CBD leaves in an oil to transform them. The oil that you will obtain will have a low concentration of CBD and can be used for example:

  • orally (sublingual) to help you fall asleep;
  • by cutaneous application to manage the pains.

You could also infuse your CBD leaves in a vegetable oil to insert them in your cartridges.

The benefits of CBD leaves on your health and your body

Did you know that hemp leaves are also rich in nutrients, fatty acids and even vitamins? Plus, they offer some interesting effects on your health and your body in general. Like any CBD product, hemp leaves can boast of calming the mind andsoften stressful states. They promote a restful sleep and are the allies of your nights. The cannabidiol leaves also participate in your good digestion and calm your digestive system. CBD leaf teas are also known to relieve chronic pain.

Drying of hemp leaves before use

Drying the hemp leaves to store them before use is a rich idea. Be sure to hang the stems whole, upside down, during the drying process. If you only have CBD leaves or flowers, spread them out on a flat surface. Make sure the area you choose is dry, airy, cool and out of the light. Drying the leaves has several uses, including taste enhancement of CBD herbal teas and a strengthening the effects of cannabidiol.

Nothing is lost in the hemp plant, everything is consumed

As you can see, it would be a shame not to use hemp leaves as well. Cannabidiol is also present in the leaves. These offer benefits for your body unsuspected. While CBD flowers are best known for their relaxing effects, hemp leaves can also have a positive impact on your health. Consider infusing or processing them.

Hemp leaf also contains cannabidiol, so don't underestimate it. So take advantage of all parts of the hemp plant, observe its positive effects on your body and do not fear for the psychotropic effects. The THC present in small quantities in these leaves will not bring you any side effect. Think of using the cBD leaves in infusion. This is the easiest and most effective way to enjoy the benefits of the cannabinoids present in hemp leaves.

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