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The cBD tea is a great success with cannabidiol consumers. In addition to its particular taste, its powerful aromas, the hemp infusion gratifies the user with all its health benefits. The sale of CBD products is legal in France, but are CBD herbal teas authorized ?Marketing and production are subject to conditions. The current regulations on CBD products, especially on hemp flowers, do not delight either producers or consumers.

Regulations concerning the marketing of herbal teas and other CBD products

The cBD sales in France, in France, the government had decided in December 2021 on the use of this product in the form of herbal tea and others. In France, the government had decided in December 2021 on production and marketing of CBD products. Producers and consumers had been waiting impatiently for this essential clarification of the legislation and had been disappointed by the decision taken. Today, some varieties of CBD products are authorized. However, there is still a long way to go for the future of cannabidiol in France.

The change in the law on CBD products

L'ministerial order of December 2021 has banned the sale and consumption of hemp flowers and leaves containing CBD in France. Although CBD, a molecule derived from cannabis, has no psychotropic effects, the French government found it difficult to determine which flowers or leaves contained cBD or THC. The impact on the CBD product business, such as herbal teas, has been significant.

The marketing of CBD products

The cBD-derived products authorized for sale and unconditional consumption are, among others, cannabidiol resins and oils. The ban enacted in December 2021 was primarily for smoking CBD products.

Did you know that certain criteria must also be met when distribution of CBD products on the market? The original cannabis plant must have a level of THC less than 0.3%. The producer, the seller or the online store cannot boast about the therapeutic benefits of CBD. In France, this molecule is still in the examination phase. It is also essential to ensure the distinction between cannabis and CBD. To do otherwise would be to encourage drug use.

The consumption of hemp flowers and leaves in France

Herbal teas, on the other hand, were banned in France because of this decree. These drinks could indeed be obtained frominfusion of hemp flowers or raw leaves. According to the authorities, the distinction between plants containing CBD or THC, a psychotropic substance, was unclear. The raw hemp contained in flowers for herbal teas represents a large part of CBD product sales in France. This decision has therefore had a significant impact in the CBD sphere.

The future of CBD leaf and flower consumption and sales

Did you know that the State Council had lifted the ban on the sale of CBD flowers and leaves ?Making your own herbal tea is now legal. The prohibition of all these varieties of CBD products will have been short-lived. Certain restrictions remain in force.

  1. The THC content of the plant concerned must not exceed 0.3%.
  2. The sale of CBD flowers and leaves remains prohibited to minors.

Keep in mind that this suspension of the decision of the French government has yet to be reviewed by the relevant authorities.

European Union regulations on the use of CBD products

The legalization of cannabidiol, in France, it has been a real obstacle course to get CBD herbal teas. According to the European Court of Justice, CBD is not a narcotic. No psychotropic or adverse health effects of consumers cannot be attributed to it.

The history of CBD legalization in France

In the "Kanavape" case, the French state sued a company offering CBD oils. The European Court agreed with the vendors. Recalling at the same time that :

  • cBD is allowed, as long as the THC level does not exceed 0.2%;
  • the sale of these products benefits from the principle of free competition in the European Union.

Despite this, France then introduced a bill in June 2021 aimed, among other things, at theban on the sale of CBD flowers.

The arm wrestle between the European Court and the French justice

In October 2021, the European Court announced its full decision on France's draft order. L'authorization of the trade of cannabidiol flowers is reaffirmed. The French justice, as for it, submits a new decree at the end of 2021 allowing the culture of flowers and leaves for extraction of CBD only. This sounds the end of cannabidiol teas. It is then that the suspension of the decree is decided by the judge of the summary proceedings a few weeks later. The sale and consumption of cannabidiol, in the form of flowers and leaves, and thus in herbal tea, benefit for the moment of a little respite.

Authorization of CBD herbal teas reassures users and traders

All these twists and turns have caused a nice scare for CBD stores and merchants. The distribution of cannabidiol flowers represents indeed the majority of their sales. Their customers can now source and consume, without fear, CBD flowers, in herbal tea or infusion, at their best convenience. Buy your CBD herbal teas easily and legally in France and prepare infusions that invite relaxation.

The benefits of CBD herbal teas now within your reach

Consumers of herbal teas who appreciate the benefits of CBD are relieved by the suspension of this decision. While cannabidiol herbal tea has no recognized therapeutic effect, it can boast of complementing certain treatments for chronic diseases. This type of infusions also brings a certain comfort of life for users. Whether they are looking for a painkiller, anti-inflammatory or anxiolytic effect, CBD tea is there. Other benefits are also appreciated as the action of CBD on digestion or on the protection of cognitive functions.

At any time of the day, make yourself the best CBD tea and enjoy all the benefits of CBD the benefits of cannabidiol legally. Without any undesirable effect, CBD herbal teas are enjoyed when you feel the need.

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